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personal practice

Telling stories through art.

My enduring passion has always been identity topics, either in my personal practice or through my public art career. I strongly believe that understanding the individuality of a subject or the uniqueness of a place results in the most meaningful art solutions.

In my personal practice I enjoy working in series: a painting-a-day for a year, 52 weekly self portraits, and portraits of the 12 Apostles reimagined in present day settings using my friends as models. Working in this way allows me to approach a subject from a variety of perspectives and communicate the results of my observations in more nuanced, purposeful and impactful ways. This aesthetic combines an experimental approach to materials with a commitment to observation as a threshold for making art.

My art uses the power of the visual image to tell stories, communicate beauty and celebrate creation.

Select Artwork Series

The following projects showcase recent bodies of work. Artwork available for purchase can be found by clicking on 'The Tiding' or 'Conspiracy' galleries.

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