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A "conspiracy" is the collective noun to describe a flock of ravens. No wonder these birds carry an ill-omened, Hitchockian reputation! Yet references to ravens and their symbolism in world lore is complex. As a talking bird, the raven is known to represent prophesy and insight - some Indigenous mythology contends that messages from the creator (or the cosmos) are buried in the wings of the Raven. Perhaps not unrelated, the raven as a carrion bird is often associated with death and the afterlife.


Part of the family Corvidae, ravens share the fascinating intelligence and expressive character of other crow species - as well as humanity. In my art they are metaphors of both hope and fear. In some images ravens appear as benign, guiding figures that exemplify God's provision for all his creatures. In other artworks they are threatening; detached, observing manifestations of the fears that lurk beyond the rational.


I consider this suite of drawings to be a continuation of the pen and ink work "Date Night" created concurrently with this series. Revealing a similar love for line and meticulous mark making, "Conspiracy" represents a connection between the discipline of careful, studied observational drawing and a reckless, explosive use of paint, gold leaf, collage and ground. The art reflects a balance between the need for control and the desire for freedom.


Unless otherwise stated, all artworks are matted in black and unframed. Paintings on wood or cardboard are sealed with an archival varnish.

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