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My recent work is inspired by birds, especially magpies. These birds aren’t popular; many people think of them as a blight because of their rough habits and harsh voices. I see their beauty; the iridescent highlights within the black, or the graphically striking contrast of light and dark. Finding beauty in the ugly is the reason these subjects are of such interest to me. I admire these birds for their intelligence and character, despite their reputation.


This series embraces a variety of technical approaches and mixed media including charcoal, acrylic, watercolour, oil and gold leaf on wood, canvas or paper. Certain artworks also incorporate found materials such as string, twigs, nails and rose petals. This aesthetic mimics the habits of my birds: to collect, construct and decorate.


For works other than paper, artworks are unframed. Paintings on wood or canvas are sealed with an archival varnish.

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